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Nitro recurve and compound bowstrings are made in the UK by experienced staff using machinery imported from the USA, capable of pre-stretching the strings with up to 300lb of pressure and twisting then serving them whilst under that pressure. The result is a bowstring with complete stability from the 1st shot.

Nitro strings are available predominantly using BCY’s X-99, 8125G and 652 Spectra material. These materials have a proven track record and are considered to be the highest performing materials available.

8125G and X-99 materials are available in a variety of colours and are also available as single or two tone strings. Two tone strings are made using equal number of strands for each colour. You will find on all of these strings that the colour and effect will remain consistent and in order throughout the entire length.

Nitro Recurve strings

As standard, our recurve strings are made with BCY 2X 0.015” loop and end serving in black or white. Standard centre serving is BCY 62XS Braided serving in black.

All of our recurve strings are made to fit small groove nocks (e.g. Nitro small groove insert and pin nocks, Easton small groove G and pin nocks and Beiter #1) as standard.

String lengths and strand count as standard is as follows:

Recommended String Lengths

64” Bow

60 3/4” String Length

66” Bow

63 1/4” String Length

68” Bow

65” String Length

70” Bow

66 3/4” String Length

72” Bow

68 3/4” String Length

Formula length and custom length strings are also made to order


Strand Count


64” bow

66” bow

68” bow

70” bow

652 Spectra

18 strand

18 strand

18 strand

18 strand


16 strand

16 strand

16 strand

16 strand

We have found these string lengths and strand counts suitable for the majority of bows, however, some models may require slightly longer or shorter lengths.

All Nitro recurve strings are twisted from each end in opposite directions resulting in consistant tension and an equal number of twists throughout the string, all whilest under pressure.. We therefore recommend that the twists are kept in the original direction, and that no more than 6 twists are removed from the string's starting position to ensure that servings do not separate.

Nitro Compound Strings

All Nitro compound strings and cables are made to order depending on the requirements of the bow. BCY-X and X-99 are used as standard on compound strings and cables, as these have less creep than any other material, thus ensuring that cam timing is accurate. Our technology ensures that the bowstring will suffer virtually zero peep rotation.

We use BCY Halo serving in black or clear for the cam servings. The clear serving allows the string colour(s) to show through. BCY 62XS serving is used for centre serving and as standard, the centre is served for using large groove nocks (e.g. Nitro large groove insert and pin nocks, Easton large groove “G”, Pin and G-pin nocks and #2 Beiter nocks).

String Colour Options:

BCY 8125G and X-99 materials are available in the following colours:



Flourescent Green

Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent Pink

Fluorescent Purple

Fluorescent Yellow



Royal Blue

Electric Blue


The BCY 8125G and X-99 materials can also be made up as 2 tone strings.

BCY 652 Spectra is available in Black or White, and can be made up as a Black/White 2 tone string.


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